The green flag award 😀


A huge well done to the Eco council members who gave a fantastic presentation to our assessor today. With there fantastic hard work and the hard work of the children across school, we have been able to achieve our green flag award. Keep your eyes open for the flag being raised in school.


Pumpkin soup.

Using locally grown pumpkin, we made a fantastic soup which we took to the pumpkin festival with us and gained us second place in the competition.

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Pumpkin competition

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Pumpkin carving.

Some of year 4 had a great time carving pumpkins that were locally sourced. The pumpkin was then taken to the competition that Eco club attended.

IMG_2025 IMG_2027

IMG_2029 IMG_2031 IMG_2032 IMG_2034 IMG_2035 IMG_2036 IMG_2037

Making the news

Battle of the pumpkins. We had a fantastic time taking part in a local pumpkin event, here is the article from the local paper.


Recycling is one of the best ways for you to have a positive impact on the world in which we live. Recycling is important to both the natural environment and us. We must act fast as the amount of waste we create is increasing all the time.

The amount of rubbish we create is constantly increasing because:

  • Increasing wealth means that people are buying more products and ultimately creating more waste.
  • Increasing population means that there are more people on the planet to create waste.
  • New packaging and technological products are being developed, much of these products contain materials that are not biodegradable.
  • New lifestyle changes, such as eating fast food, means that we create additional waste that isn’t biodegradable.

Environmental Importance

Recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment.

  • Harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses are released from rubbish in landfill sites. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste.
  • Habitat destruction and global warming are some the affects caused by deforestation. Recycling reduces the need for raw materials so that the rainforests can be preserved.
  • Huge amounts of energy are used when making products from raw materials. Recycling requires much less energy and therefore helps to preserve natural resources.


Importance To People

Recycling is essential to cities around the world and to the people living in them.

  • No space for waste. Our landfill sites are filling up fast, by 2010, almost all landfills in the UK will be full.
  • Reduce financial expenditure in the economy. Making products from raw materials costs much more than if they were made from recycled products.
  • Preserve natural resources for future generations. Recycling reduces the need for raw materials; it also uses less energy, therefore preserving natural resources for the future.


IMG_1978 IMG_1982 IMG_1972 IMG_1967 IMG_1971 IMG_1966 IMG_1964

Meet the council

IMG_2068 IMG_2069 IMG_2070 IMG_2071 IMG_2072IMG_2003IMG_1948 IMG_1952 IMG_1954 IMG_1956 IMG_1958 IMG_1944

Eco superhero

Year 4 have been creating their own super heroes who will save the world from global warming.

image image image image


Eco schools within the curriculum

image image

After eco day and an assembly the year 4 the children have been looking at how they can save energy. Here are some examples of their great ideas, taken from their PSHCE books.



Up and coming events!

The Eco council have been invited to an event ct at RSPB Old Moor Wetland (1.30 till 3pm on Wednesday 21st October. Miss Moore will be accompanying 6 members of the eco council. 
At this event there will be judging of the pumpkins that schools have crown. A carving competition and also the tastiest treat competition.